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Middle Black Clough

December 20, 2014  •  6 Comments

Middle Black Clough Waterfall

Black Clough Waterflow IIBlack Clough Waterflow II

Welcome to my blog!  I've always been a big fan of photography blogs.  They've really helped me out when it comes to learning new techniques and improving my photography.  Of course the technical side of photography is important but the best way to learn is to get out there and practice so after reading up on long exposure water photography I needed somewhere to go try it out.

We are lucky as amateur photographer to live in the world of the internet where so many people share information for free and this includes location guides.  As the Peak District is on my door step I wanted to find a waterfall within easy reach to try out my techniques.  When I found this location guide I knew it was the perfect place!  The blog I found was supurb! Here is the link for you to take a look. http://www.duncanfawkes.com/middle-black-clough/ Many thanks to Duncan Fawkes for taking the time to publish this! He has some great photos too.

If you read the location guide it has all the details on how to get there and what to shoot so I won't repeat any of those details here.  I have just one additional note to make.  When crossing the stream, especially when the water levels are high, you probably need wellies to get across and watch out for all those slippery green stones.  I've slipped a few times up there.

At the top of Middle Black Clough is the waterfall.  You need a wide angle lens to get best out of the location as its quite cramped I used my 17-40mm lens and just about got everything in.

Middle Black Clough WaterfallMiddle Black Clough Waterfall

As great as the waterfall itself is I actually find that the smaller cascades that you find on the way up more interesting and varied than the waterfall itself.  There are countless opportunities to make good compositions all the way up.  These are just a few examples.

Peat Waterflow IIIPeat Waterflow III Peat Waterflow VPeat Waterflow VPosably the last in the series. Sorry for not getting to your picture over the last few days. Been sorting out my photos and uploading low rez verions as some ended up on another site. Peat Waterflow IIPeat Waterflow II2nd in my series of shot of the waterflow in the peak district. Peat WaterflowPeat WaterflowWaterflow in the Peak District with that distinctive orange peak colour.

The last photo is of my favorite cascade. On many of these photographs I only used a polarizing filter.  The reason I used it was two fold.  One to reduce the light levels and increase the shutter speed and get the flowing water effect and secondly to cut down on the glare on the surface of the water.

Cascade (Middle Black Clough)Cascade (Middle Black Clough)

To achieve the more silky longer exposure I use a variable neutral density filter.  The longer 30 second exposures also give some nice effects in the water that you don't see with the naked eye.

The following photographs are of the main stream that winds its way down to the reservoir.

Lower Black CloughLower Black Clough Black Clough WaterflowBlack Clough Waterflow Black Clough Waterflow IIIBlack Clough Waterflow III

There are of course better know areas in the Peak District that are as good, if not better than Middle Black Clough but one of my favorite things about the location is that its quiet.  Once you've crossed over the water you only occasionally see other people and they are usually fellow photographers. It is also just off the busy Woodhead Pass so is very accessible from the Manchester area.

 Thank you all and feel free to leave a comment!


Tonton des Iles(non-registered)
Middle Black Clough looks a great place for photography and you did a very nice job. It's better to see some of your work here on your gallery. Cheers Tim!
Keith Nuttall(non-registered)
I recognise a couple of those!
Soft water photos are great fun, and you have succeeded in getting some great shots with the effect. A polariser is a good way of killing two birds with one stone. I need to find some good spots in the Peaks. Let me know if you ever need a fellow photographer on one of your jaunts.
Tim McAndrew Photography
Thanks Gwilym, glad you liked them!
Gwilym Jones(non-registered)
excellent images,like your style
Tim McAndrew Photography
Thanks Jim. Yes we are lucky to have a lot of great places that are pretty close.
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